The tragedy in Moore, OK in being covered in excellent detail by all media outlets. As a resident of Norman I was 7 miles from the 2.5 mile wide behemoth. In fact, numerous members of my up and coming LeMons team have lost, or there family has lost, everything. This includes a '91 Honda Accord painted in John Player Special liveries for the up and coming regional LeMons events (couldn't get our shit together for Eagle Canyon). Seriously.... its gone. We don't know where it is at.

I feel this should demonstrate the extreme force of what people have endured here. I am keeping the folks of Moore on my mind and thoughts as I volunteer at Uni. of Oklahoma dormitory shelters. There is talk of canceling summer semester and turning campus into temporary housing due to the number of people displaced and left homeless. I encourage everyone to help however they are able, through donations to the Red Cross, Salvation Army or Uni. of Oklahoma (405-325-2511).

Naturally this should not over shadow the deaths and destruction and many missing people in the region. But if anyone sees the car, could you let us know. We had some safety equipment and stuff we hope to salvage for MSR Houston and/or 2014 Regional Races. The car was not tagged or registered so we doubt the wreck will ever make it back to us. We just got the car painted last weekend and then went to the Warren Theater for Iron Man 3. I wish I had a picture. You guys would have loved it.

Best Wishes & Much Gratitude,

Team Simplify... Add Lightness & Kaufmania